my name is Nuomi - 糯米 - which in Mandarin (the more traditional, Taiwanese one) means 'sticky'. You will often see part of my name in dishes made with sticky rice!

But I'm not rice. Actually, my name was Sue when I was adopted. But the new family did not like it. They looked at my black-and-white cute little face and bum and called me Naicha (奶茶) - milk tea. 奶茶 is very popular in Taiwan. They even make it with little barley balls - pearls - that look a bit like my eyes. Anyway, back to the story of my name(s).

When I got adopted I was very very happy to have a home and people to follow. And, because I was abandoned, I didn't quite know what I'm supposed to be doing. You know, It's a little bit hard if nobody ever shows or tells you. I was only 2 months old when I was adopted - and I think I must have spent most of my life in a small cage at the vets - with my two siblings. There were some older cats in the cage above. But we did not play or talk much. So I did not learn from them much.

And so, once I as brought back to my new home I decided to follow my new friends everywhere. Just in case so I could always find them. Also, because they had all the yummy food that I like.

I followed them to every room and was always trying to get a seat on their laps - apparently I'm a lapcat. It’s nice and warm. Two days later they decided that I was so sticky, they should call me Nuomi.

So you see, I am not sticky rice - but a very sticky cat.

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