I have been quite busy recently. No playing or anything like that. No no no. 

I was busy training as a barista. Not the law barrister - barista who makes coffee. I know - you probably wondering what do cats know about coffee! Well, quite a lot actually!

Don't forget about one of my cousins - palm civet - who 'produces' some of the most expensive coffees you can get. Coffee is in our blood - or bums really. But anyway I considered making some Kopi Luvak myself - but all the coffee I could find was already roasted. I still stole a couple of beans but it just did not seem to work. Anyway, back to the coffee... 

I really like the smell of new beans - so I jump on the shoulder every morning to help. In the morning we make coffee with a proper Italian, hand-crafter lever machine. It's a bit complicated but the coffee is great. 

I am mostly supervising from the shoulder. I check the grind, I check the tamp and I check if the milk is frothed properly. And I get to sit at the shoulder. That's quite cool. AAARRR... 


My favourite part of course is milk frothing. It makes funny noises and the foam sticks to my nose. Apparently it's quite funny. I did not see anything funny about this - but I really liked the froth so I invented a new drink: CATPUCCINO!!!

I really liked my morning CATPUCCINO and it made me feel like an adult. You know, having my CATPUCCINO when they having their flat whites.

But there was a little problem with it. It made me to flatulate a little bit too much. Apparently I'm not too good with milk and so I now help to make their coffees.

Or maybe I should learn how to make PURR OVER instead... 

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