Plastic bags are bad. I know. They kill dolphins and other animals. And I like all these animals to stay alive - so I can watch the next series of the Planet Earth.

So we should not use them - or at least start using less of them. You know, take a reusable bag when you go shopping. I always do. Well, I don't really shop but my owners do and they have a small orange bag they always take. I think this is such a good idea! If I ever go shopping I will take my own bag as well. 

BUT... if you a little cat - they are so much fun! I mean - real fun! You can hide in, you can make it into hammock. You can roll in it. You can play hide and seek...

I really like the noise they make. Funny noises - almost as good a real mice I think (but I'm not sure since I never had a real mouse...)

I like to hide in them - nobody can see me! you see - they looking for me but cannot see me.... Then, just like a tiger, I ambush. I'm a hunter, you know. 

(few weeks later and another episode of the Planet Earth...)

Although they are fun and I like them, after watching David Attenborough I decided to go green.

Well, more like grey as green would mean dye and other things. And grey is recycled paper. I am now an eco-warrior-cat :) 

I often hide underneath the paper and attack any passing feet. I prefer these in socks - but I also bite toes that have no socks on. It's so much fun! 

And I hide underneath when I'm naughty. Nobody can find me underneath my recycled paper. It's like an invisibility cloak :) 

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