Last week I watched "Trust me? I'm a Vet' on BBC and they said that now about half of all cats are obese. This is worrying news and I got a little scared about this.

I'm not quite sure what is and what is not 'obese'. But I am told that I eat a lot and that I eat too fast. But I thought - hmmm... I get hungry - so I eat! And when I get my wet food - I better eat it before they take it away (these humans - you never know when they gonna change their minds again...).

Anyway, I got a little worried and so I went to check how do I look in the mirror - it all looked OK to me. But just to be on the sure I decided to do some more checks.  

So I decided to check my weight.

I first tried to weight myself on the bathroom scales - but it was a little bit hard. It seems to be for tigers and lions and leopards maybe with the scale. And I could not see properly whether I was 1 kilo or 5 kilos. You know, for a leopard it might not be much of a difference - but for me that would definitely be the difference between slim and super fit and obese cat! I did not want to see the vet again so I needed to be sure...

Then I realised that orange thingy in the living room was actually scales! I just needed to work out how to operate it... 


You see, I was using it all the time not knowing what it was for. I thought it was some sort of a cat swing / rocking bed because it moved every time I jumped on it. Just like a jelly :) So every day I would jump on for some fun. Silly me! 

So I finally decided to have a proper look at it and check what my weight was. 

Well, I now know that I weigh 3 pounds and 8 and a half Oz :) 

Whatever that is in kilograms !

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