Planet Earth 

Last night we had a movie night. I never really had a movie night before. In the shelter it was dark at night - but there was no cinema. The big screen came down, and after I played with it a little (there is that handle that they must have out there especially for me to play with!) Then the lights went off and there was that big moving picture on the big screen.

It actually was not a movie but an episode of Planet Earth. It was super interesting and exciting! All the animals I never knew even existed (I only met a mantis that wandered into a house and I tried to play with it and saw some small birds through the window. I was really mesmerised by the landscape and all the animals.


First came some animal that was running down steep cliffs. I was impressed - their climbing skills were almost as good as mine! I do the same every day on the sofa and the furniture...

Then there were some monkeys, swinging from tree to tree, from branch to branch.

They were fast and nimble and I really liked them. And they looked a little bit like my owners :)

And I saw some other cats. They looked bigger - but this is probably because the screen is big. They are probably my size. One of them was called Snow Leopard. Funny name for a cat!

But she was fast and nimble and could hunt very well. I think when I grow up I will be just like Snow Leopard and then David Attenborough would come and film me when I hunt.

I started practicing this morning. I think I goes well. Have a look for yourself!

I kept watching and reading about the different animals.

I think I also like penguins I think: they a little bit like me - black & white and cute :) 

David said they are very good at fishing. I don't like fishing much. And I much prefer a nice and warm climate than the cold place they live. I might just stick to watching them on screen and not becoming one.

Snow leopard is more like me... I think there should be a 'snow leopard day'. Although Frank says we should have an Okapi day. Not sure what Okapis are - I need to ask David...

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