(more) ticklish matters

Today I had such an exciting day! After being really nice (I can pretend) and even more sticky than usual they took me out and let me explore the strange wold that I always can see and hear through that cold, invisible wall. It's quite funny that wall I think: in the afternoons, when it's sunny I often lie by the invisible wall and get nice and toasty. To get out you need to slide it to the left - I saw them do that and tried myself but there must be some secret code. The wall did not move - even though I tried to push it with my nose. I need to get that password...

Anyway, as I said they took me out to the other side today. It was fun! I have explored the deck and used it to sharpen my claws: this is the biggest cat scratch I have seen. They must have built it for me. I make sure to scratch it a lot everytime they take me out.

Then I went on the green stuff. I think they called it glass or grass. I'm not sure what it is called but it was so ticklish! It kept tickling my belly when I walked. It was also a little wet - so I tried to make big steps and not to get wet. I think as a cat I don't quite like water or wet grass. Then I found some white flowers - daisies. They smelled funny. I tried to eat one but it was not very tasty. Chasing the green, ticklish stuff was much more fun. I liked it a lot - but soon was called back home.

Maybe, if I'm good, they take me out again!*

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