This weekend we celebrated Easters - or Wielkanoc as they kept calling it, Anyways (must be my favourite word now:)), we had lots of fun. First we baked some vey yummy things. We had some sourdough bread - which I checked and tested in person (or cat actually). It seemed OK. I would probably add a little cinnamon and catnip. Everything is better with catnip...

Then we spend some time baking Babka Wielkanocna. But not the Polish babka but the chocolate babka. It was all twisted and looked like lots of fun. But I was not allowed to play with it. No idea why. Maybe they worried I would make a better one next year?

Then we had some decorations to play with. They were a little bit high so I needed some help to deal with them.

Of course we also had some chocolates and cookies and all the sweet things. I like the bunnies because of the ears and the box they were in. They seemed to like boxes just as much as I do!

I’m not sure where the small bunnies went - but I did not see then again. Maybe they run away… And the decorations are also gone. Unfortunately the Easters is gone now and so are all the decorations (and cakes!) I wonder what we going to do next week!

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