The plan was to get to the Stewart Island and complete the great walk. After we arrived at the airport a message next to our flight said delayed, with departure time at the information board 2h later. We checked in but no info about the delay coming from JetStar staff. No announcements either. An hour later – still no announcement or info – the departure time has changed again. Now 3.5h late.

Two more hours at the airport. No announcement – just a quiet change of the departure time at the board. We now 4.5h late and not even sure we will fly. JetStar’s approach is quite simple: ignore your customers. Finally an announcement: we found your plane to Dunedin (the good news I assume). It’s still in Queenstown. Crap. Another 2h to the delay. Now is the question if they also found a pilot? We finally departed just over 7h later than planned. The journey was a nightmare – a spoiled girl who probably never saw a folding table decided to test if it can withstand five thousand times of being opened up and closed again. Turned out it can take 8000…

As a result the plans needed to be changed. Instead of Stewart Island Catlins for a few days. Staying in Kaka Point meant that the stunning Nuggets Lighthouse and penguins ware only some 10 minutes drive.

Three mornings - three views. Day 1 - nice clouds in the background but not much sun hitting the lighthouse, day 2 was a mix of nice clouds and light followed by the invasion of sea cloud. Within minutes there was a whiteout, with the outline of the lighthouse occasionally emerging from the mist. Day three - no cloud to be seen.

Cloudy days + lots of rain + a tripod = perfect condition to explore the waterfalls in the area. And what a feast. Water levels were high and almost no people. Perfetto.

McLean Falls in all their glory. The cascade is breath taking. 


Purakaunui Falls - probably the most photographed falls in New Zealand. Absolutely stunning when water is high. But also pretty hard to photograph: slippery rocks and strong currents make it tricky to find a good vantage point. 

While the falls were amazing to visit at this time of the year, the walks also offered quite some views. 

As did the early morning sea cloud rising and slowly rolling into the sea. 

Compulsory selfie :) 

It seems easy to spend 1 week in Catlins just taking photos. Add penguins, lots of bays, caves and some small walks and a couple of weeks are filled in. 

Definitely coming back to get some more shots of the Nuggets and the falls. And to explore what else the park is holding...

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