Moeraki Boulders - a curious formation of spherical boulders nested on the beach like some prehistoric eggs. Some half of their life these mega-balls are covered by water and the other half by curious tourist with their selfie sticks.

Close half sphere

Although the boulders offer some fab photo opportunities with a whole range of compositions to experiment, getting good light and the tide at the right hight is a little tricky. If you head to the coast during the day and low tide, the scene is not as impressive as when the boulders are closer to the water or slightly covered. And, of course, the light is also a factor here: daytime the scene is flat and you can only really play by trying different compositions. 


With a bit of luck from the weather and some calculations the scene is most rewarding - yet, remains challenging. Not only you need to get some decent sunrise, but you also need the tide to be coming in or going out at the time of the light display. 

In this case, the tide was coming in more-less at the same time as the sun was making its way up. Not perfect as this left really short window of opportunity: it would work much better to have the tide coming out at the time of sunrise. If not for other reason it would be safer: I sort of got cut off and so get a few litres of water in my boots. And, with long exposures, over half of the shots were ruined by a random wave hotting the tripod. 

But come at the same time as a coach filled with Chinese tourists and the scene is  reminiscent of some crazy worship customs with the hordes running around like headless chickens, shouting and making some very very strange poses. 

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