for some the aroma is the sign of the morning. for some this is a fuel. some take it strong, some take it with milk. for some this is their livelihood. they grow it, tend it, harvest it. they live it...


High in Alishan Mountains, in Taiwan, a small artisan industry of coffee growers and cafes has been developing in the recent years. Coffee is hand grown, processed and roasted. Taiwanese beans, lighter and with more fruity palette, are perfect for a syphon - a technique well established in Taiwan. Considering the history of coffee industry in Taiwan, this renaissance can only be good for this bethel-nut dominated corner of the island. What could be better reward than a freshly brewed syphon coffee after completing a trail from Rueili (瑞里) to Fenchihu (奮起湖)? A little bit mystique, old fashioned and quirky this cafe is a great little place to get away from the laud crowds swarming around the train station and the main food street.

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