Though far from being pretty, Taipei offers a lot when it comes to photography or discovery. Beyond the countless snack stands and a range of foods, which can form an itinerary in its own right,  there are plenty of easily accessible mountain walks, temples, old and quirky streets and districts. Great vantage points, traditional cafes, small details all make the city a unique destination in South Asia.

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Peaks & Lanterns

Best known for the Sky Lantern Festival, Pingxi is only a short drive - or a picturesque train trip - away from Taipei. And there is more than a selfie on the tracks, setting a lucky sky lantern off, or, queuing and fighting large crowds if you decide to visit during the festival or a weekend.

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Preparations for the Lunar New Year at Fuhe Temple (Yonghe) and  lights the night before the Lunar New Year in front of the Cheng Huang temple (臺灣省城隍廟).

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